What is Google Bard & How to USE Google Bard AI Chatbot

What is Google Bard & how to use Google Bard AI Chatbot

Google Bard is the AI tool presented by Google and powered by Google language LaMBA (Language Model for Dialogue Applications) to provide a better and systematic place to solve user queries in limited and accurate words.

Google CEO Sunder Pichai states that Bard has been built and constructed in a way that it can explain all the complex problems easily as it explains to a 9-year-old child

But how does this AI work?

So in this article, we will let you know all about Google Bard. Topics to be included in it :

  • Features of Google Bard AI Chatbot.
  • When was the Google Bard AI Chatbot Launched?
  • How to access and log in to the Google Bard AI Chatbot?

Features of Google Bard Ai Chatbot

Some of the important and required features of Google Bard are :

  1. Conversational Language Used : the Bard AI is designed like a tool that it provides queries answered in human conversational language, that are easy to understand by us. As a user, you can also use this platform on a chit-chat basis like re-questioning the following things from the answer, like as we do in our human conversations.
  2. Have Authentic Data Stored : like ChatGPT which has limited data or information till 2021, Google Provides us a solution on the basis of the latest data consider on the web.
  3. Self-Learning AI tool : as the tool is new or also not yet launched, but according to statements of Sunder Pichai, we can get the slightest form of it that the tool is constructed in a learning way, it grasps knowledge according to users’ query and try to get the more latest information as a solution in a crisp and authentic format.
  4. Complete User-commanded Task : as it is a self-learning AI tool, it has the capability to learn and respond to several things on its own. It can perform several activities like booking a flight, do a reservation, booking a seat in a restaurant, booking an appointment, and many more.

When was Google Bard Ai Chatbot launched?

Google doesn’t provide an accurate answer for this  but as the statements passed, it seems like it is going to launch in March 2023.

How to Access and Login Google Bard Ai Chatbot?

To login into your Google Bard, a user has to provide their Email ID and password to get access to its features.

Can you access Google Bard?

Google Bard became a new term in the market, but still, it has not yet been properly launched in the market. So currently we can’t access it.

So who has the access?

The small tech team has the access to test and provide better feedback on an AI chatbot. According to their feedback, the google team decides to launch it to the public.

Some other Ai Tools?

As Google is not yet launched, you can also use these AI’s to get the knowledge of how these systems work. Some of them are-

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