What is Google Bard – The Latest AI Chatbot

The AI market size is expanding day by day. In 2022, it will be valued at USD 136 billion and going to expand to 1,597.1 billion dollars by 2030.

AI tools became the main player in the sport of search engines, as they work as an assistant who helps users to get easy replies from applications and websites.

They also help you get detailed information about a particular service, and according to their quick and accurate responses, it helps customers to take the fast and better decision.

Many businesses are adopting these AI Tools to include in their services, as it helps them to improve productivity, provide better customer care service and save a lot of money.

Recently Google also introduced their AI search tool – named ad Bard. The CEO of Google Sundar Pichai shared a blog with a Title, An Important Next Step On Our AI journey.

Also shared how AI is an important tool in today’s world and how organizing data into one tool helps all of us as it became easily accessible and helps to take better-improvised decisions.

In this article, we will let you know all the things about this AI Chatbot – Bard. Topics to be covered in it;

  • What is Google Bard?
  • Benefits Of Google Bard?
  • Need Of AI Chatbot Bard?
  • Future Of Google Bard?

What is Google Bard?

Google Bard is an AI chat service platform powered by LaMDA (Language Model for Dialogue Applications). It provides better high-quality responses and information to users with their excellent intelligence and creativity. The AI commits to providing information about all the complex topics in simpler ways like understanding a 9-year-old. It is still in its testing phase, where Google wants their customer to use them, and provide genuine feedback around this.

What Benefits Does Google Bard Bring to our Table?

Google and AI tools have a long history with us, by using AIs like Google Cloud, Bert, MUM, PaLM, Imagen, MusicLM and now LaMDA.

These all are efficient tools in the time they launch, one of the biggest advantages of all these AI tools is that they efficiently work on a large number of data and provide accurate information in the form of different languages, images, and videos.

Benefits provided by the Bard to become the new cool AI tool :

  • Saves Time : Let’s think you are looking for the best smartphones under 30K, now as to get the solution to your query, you search on the browser and as you press the tab button, you got three Ads and 10 different links to read and get your query solved. Yes, it gives you a wide variety of options, but you know what you need. Some smartphones that came under 30k. You don’t need to read all those big-written articles for getting your query solved. You need your accurate solution, and that’s where an AI tool like Bard comes as an option. These AI doesn’t provide a heavily loaded article or reviews blogs, nor do they give you ads. They simply offer you the direct answer to your query and save a lot of your time.
  • Efficient Working : Two years ago, the Google team reveal that they going to produce the next level AI language in front of us. And here in 2023, we are standing with the AI tool named Bard. The Bard AI build with such efficiency that it collects and engages with so much data easily, in the form of text, images, audio and videos. They work on this system with the latest advancements to make it more efficient with the user query. It creates an ease for their customers so  now they directly get what they are looking for.
  • Easy Understanding : The AI builds on such instructions that it helps you to understand your query-solution like it answering 9-year-old children. It helps more and more people to connect to the platform and get the query done. They did not only form answers in text format, but it implies to provides solutions in infographic format, pictures, maps, tables and videos. As we all know, seeing something makes things more understandable than reading something. This AI work on everything, that helps the user to see, read, understand, ask, and get the proper and right solution for their query.

Why There is a Need for Google Bard ChatBots?

Experts claim that these chatbots are made with the single purpose of eliminating the many links with a single-page constructive response. To make this AI more strong in front of their customers, some expert testers test these before making it used by the users.

Future of Google Bard?

We can’t conclude anything as the product is still at its testing point, but as the words delivered by the CEO of google promised to provide these better search services with the help of AI chatbot, we can’t be more excited to see what more we get from this.

But to conclude with a significant point, we can only say that if the testing goes right and Brad fulfilled all the things as they promised, it can become a powerful AI tool for searching.

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