Paid Menstrual Leave – It’s Her Right

Soumya is just one of the employees who feel like this.

Spain is the first country who offer Menstrual Leave with a paid amount, china and Japan also somewhere follow this rule – but still, it’s a controversial topic to state on.

Menstrual paid leave is all about health and equality. Now it been a topic of debate for several years, social psychologist Evelyn Carter states, that at the time of menstrual cycle, people are somewhere irrational, emotional and essentially incomplete that create a major stereotype between different gender.

As an employee, you get several perks like incentives, overtime payment, vacation leave, medical and health insurance, provident fund, retirement fund, but still menstrual leave is a sensitive topic to talk about.
Not many companies talk any action towards this and of course, India is still not the best place to talk about all these issues. Yes, several companies take action and provide enough holiday to the people who go through this pain.

According to a survey, many people mostly women from the age of 20 to 35 are turning their heads to self-employment and one the major reason is, they find relief and matter of choice to work or not in their menstrual days.

But why there are so many complications around just one topic?


A monthly period cycle causes access of blood loss from the uterus body. Some women can feel more pain due to overflowing and this cause many health issues too.

They feel dizzy, uneasy and unproductive all around these days. But due to access of pain – women also suffer from lower back pain, headache, nausea and many other emotions that are attacking at a moment.


Menstrual paid leave is part of monthly leave, where women can take break by informing their employer that she is going through their period cycle of a month and that leave should be paid one. So no deduction from her salary should be a relief.


There are places where unpaid leaves are also offered, but somewhere that creates a difference between gender and most women avoid taking those leave. It also make them suffer more.

But companies who provide paid leave has seen different tendency between employees and some of the benefits they get from it are –

Paid Menstrual Leave - It's Her Right -
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  • Create a discrimination : Study shows providing or taking extra leave for the period, creates unfavorable stereotype for women and somewhere show they feel they are less capable than the opposite gender.
  • Privacy : The major issue that becomes the hurdle in this policy is that not everyone is okay to share her stuff with the employer. Many transgenders and other such things in their professional life. You can’t force a being to communicate every single thing about their body and talk openly. communities are not okay to share.
  • Hiring process may be biased : Companies who provide this type of paid leave, ask questions related to her period cycle, overflow days and pattern and their pain and her opinion towards the menstrual leave. These all create a biasedness around the hiring process.
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  • Broader cultural shift : Companies who provide menstrual paid leave to their employees have seen that people inside their company has find it easy to talk and discuss their problem, they tend to be more supportive and understanding. And this broader mind shift between both gender that they can easily talk about these things make the environment more healthy and strong.





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