Twitter’s New Approach on User Account Suspension

Recently, Twitter Safety Team Shared this tweet, It says Twitter made some changes in the suspension policy that regulates from February 1. Now as a user, you can appeal to your account suspension to evaluate your account, and based on the new policy instruction, it will check your account and get back to you.

New Policy Instructions States :

  • If any disturbance is found in the accounts, then they will limit the individual tweet reach, and no severe actions could be taken.
  • But if any individual violates any terms and conditions that include harm to other users, engaging in illegal activity, privacy violation, multiple spams, harassment, and threatening violence to users, then strict action is taken against the account and suspended that account.
  • These policies are made with a single aim, to maintain the balance in the application as Twitter is a widely used platform with incredible leaders’ thoughts and ideas. They want to maintain a healthy relationship with their users and protect them from harmful and illegal accounts.
  • Twitter also mentions that their professional team evaluates all the circumstances before taking any decision on users’ accounts. They check all the criteria and if the user fits these situations then only their account will be suspended.
  • Users of Twitter get themselves familiar with this new policy and hope that these changes made Twitter fairer for all their users, no account will suspend on false allegations.
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